Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Whether you are in an early start-up or preparing to go public, The Buffington Law Firm understands the needs of businesses and owners. Our business attorneys can offer strategic insight to help you achieve your objectives and protect your assets.

We offer a variety of corporate legal services, tailored to the demands of companies and individuals. We provide clarity, guidance and strategic business law counsel to our clients as they establish their entities, raise financing and buy or sell assets. Our business attorneys take a pragmatic approach to finding legal solutions and getting it done.

Our client base covers an extensive range of industries including: technology, e-commerce, medical services and supplies, consulting, food and beverage, fashion, branding and marketing, entertainment, biotechnology, manufacturing, distribution, cosmetics and advertising.

Unlike immigration law this is not a national practice but is intended to service clients who wish to pursue business opportunities in the District of Columbia. We do have relationships with attorneys admitted to other jurisdictions and can work with them to protect the clients? interests.

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